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       Wuhan Powerise Optoelectronics, Inc. is founded in 2010 that focus on parallel optical transmission field related to research, production, and sales of high-tech products. After years of development, Powerise has established excellent r&d team, outstanding production team and first-class management team. Powerise makes parallel optical transmission as a strategy development direction. It has launched 45 ° Fiber array and related derivatives, AWG components,a series products of HDMI AOC, a series products of USB AOC, a series products of DP AOC, HDMI optoelectronic modules and other high quality products, at the same time, Powerise also provide matching parallel optic fiber patch cords and the corresponding multichannel parallel coupled platform.

The demand of high-definition connection is growing rapidly as consumer electronics developing rapidly. Powerise is committed to promoting high-definition transmission solutions based on fiber. The products, which Powerise launched including a series of active optical fiber cables (AOC), meet requirements of high bandwidth, high speed, strong compatibility and long distance.

Furthermore, Powerise has launched pure fiber cable that can transmit as long as 300m. This is the furthest transmission distance of optical fiber cable on the market. HDMI Type D AOC (with Type A adapter) is known as "the king of wiring” by user, because its dimension is only 33mm x13mmx8. 6 mm. In addition, Powerise is NO.1 who builds a new model that modules and cables produce separately before aligning. This a crucial step on the way to build all-optical network.

Powerise has get a number of invention patents, and the trademark registration certification. Everybody in Powerise dreams for the world connecting through fiber.  Powerise will never stop moving forward in the way of optical transmission, and , customer and quality come firstly forever.

Powerise is to be a leader in parallel optical transmission field, the most popular optoelectronics products provider for  customers in the global, the best career development platform among employees.


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