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Looking at the progress of optical devices in the field of consumer electronics from the Taipei Computer Show

6/5/2014, Early in the morning, the owner of Wanzhaotong told the editor on Skype that the beautiful Taipei computer show was like a cloud show, comparable to the auto show. In addition to Wan Zhao Tong, the editor knows that Changxin Sheng also has their USB3.0 products to participate in this Computex Taipei. Wang Boss’s news broke the editor’s further interest in Computex.
Internationally, because of Taiwan's leading position in IT manufacturing, Taipei Computer Show has always enjoyed a good reputation. Many IT media in Europe and America have reported on this exhibition. But Boss Wang told the editor that there are very few Computex glazing communication manufacturers, and most of them are manufacturers of computers and peripheral products. Long core Sheng, Wan Zhao Tong is also good, with some edge applications, mainly in the field of connectivity and cloud computing. From the Computex website, this year's award-winning products are basically not related to optical communication, but in the exhibitor list, you can also see Shenzhen Longxinxiang (optical cable) from the mainland, Chengdu Branch Essence, Shandong Huayun (optical module), Hangzhou Telford Cable (Optical Cable), Kunshan Bailey Real Cable, Shenzhen Feihong, Gongjin Electronics, Shenzhen Opwell and other manufacturers, Taiwanese manufacturers are familiar with thousands of talents, Ouyi Optoelectronics, and Super Photovoltaic (Baylite) parallel fiber optic cable, Banyan InnoChain's HDMI to fiber optic extender, Qianlong Lightking optocoupler, Xinqiao MPO fiber patch cord and other exhibitors. Some of the most familiar optical communication companies in Taiwan are not found in the list of exhibitors.
Why are these optical communication manufacturers interested in the exhibition of computer peripheral products such as the Taipei Photonics Exhibition, and what role can these products play in the computer network in terms of optical modules, jumpers, and splitters? I would like to have some exchanges with the optical communication manufacturers participating in the exhibition. In the editor's view, optical communication is far from being a technology in the field of consumer electronics. The HDMI cable closest to consumer electronics, USB3.0 cable is also in the early stage of promotion, the product price is still high, there are many details in the practical application remains to be resolved. However, with the further increase in requirements for bandwidth, network security, and reliability, the application prospects of optical communication products in consumer electronics and its peripheral fields are still promising. In fact, some of the main products of this exhibition that are involved in optical communication are often related to video and audio transmission and network security.
The theme of this year's Taipei Computer Show is "soft and hard, welcoming the trend of smart things" is actually related to optical communication. Huang Wenrong, secretary-general of the Taiwan Government's Foreign Trade Development Association, said in his speech that "multiple destructive innovations brought about by mobile computing and cloud technology in the past few years have brought the global technology industry into a stage of innovation and transformation, including the international investigation agency McKinsey and the President of the United States. Obama has emphasized that the trend of Internet of Things based on mobile cloud technology will come comprehensively and completely change the lives of human beings.” Acer’s Shi Zhenrong talked about how Acer integrates past hardware, software and service experience and promotes Jianyun (BYOC) service has created Acer to become a more mature provider of “hardware + software + services” and stressed that Acer will cooperate with upstream and downstream suppliers in the supply chain to build a new industrial value chain.
In the era of the cloud, the Taipei Computer Show will be connected to the "cloud." Optical communications and consumer electronics will also find more convergence in this round of trends.



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