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In recent years, the emergence of zero terminals has brought a boom in the field of electronic products applications, bringing a new experience and choice to end users.

The so-called zero terminal is a small and unique terminal without CPU, no memory, no hard disk, no operating system, no local application, application running and data storage are all concentrated on the server. The zero terminal is connected to the server through the network cable or the USB data cable, and the functions of the PC can be realized by using the display, the keyboard, the mouse and the earphone microphone on the periphery, browsing the Internet, operating various softwares, editing and saving files, playing videos, etc.; Uniquely, multiple zero terminals can be connected to one host to share the resources of one host, thereby optimizing user resource usage, improving data security and reducing maintenance complexity.

As the leader among many zero-terminal products, the terminal terminal based on USB3.0 data transmission introduced by Changxinsheng Company is very popular among users with its unique characteristics. Changxinsheng's Zero Terminal is a new front-end device for virtualized desktop environments. Each zero terminal provides a VGA display interface for connecting the display, the microphone sub-headset adopts standard settings, and the keyboard and mouse are connected through the USB2.0 port. Its uplink interface USB3.0 port, using SuperTT technology with unique intellectual property inside, can convert USB2.0 rate to USB3.0 rate, make the transmission rate reach 5Gbps, realize high-speed data transmission. In addition, the long core zero terminal also has the following characteristics:

    Unified management, centralized storage, efficient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable

    USB3.0 zero terminal is not equipped with a processor, all data is processed uniformly on the server side, reducing the complexity of hardware operation and maintenance

    The USB3.0 zero terminal is not equipped with a storage device. The user desktop and all data are stored in the enterprise server. The terminal is only used to display images and user operations, and does not save any data, effectively preventing information leakage.

    Even if the terminal is lost or damaged, user data will not be lost, improving data security.

    Low cost, low investment

    Terminal sharing host resources, saving hardware input costs

    Reduce operation and maintenance complexity and save operation and maintenance resources

    Low power consumption, green energy saving

    Zero client power consumption is only about 2% of the computer, saving energy and reducing power input

    Zero terminal is not equipped with a processor, etc., does not generate large noise and heat, creating a superior "green" office environment

    Support multiple systems and virtualized applications

    Support Linux, Windows systems, and support virtualized applications running under Linux and Windows architecture

    High speed long distance transmission

    Implement USB3.0 5Gbps data transmission

    With the AOC of Changxinsheng Company, the transmission distance can reach 100 meters.

    Easy to expand, easy to operate

    Support hot swap, plug and play, simple extension of end users

In short, the long-core terminal has realized the function of ordinary PC, and it has almost no difference in use from PC system. It also has the characteristics of low cost, strong security, easy maintenance, high reliability, and environmental protection. It can be widely used. Application scenarios such as computer classrooms, e-library rooms, and simulation training centers are economical, energy-efficient, and easy-to-use classroom alternatives.



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